Barovier & Toso Palmyra Suspension lamp

Palmyra is a suspension lamp designed by Fabio Calvi and Paolo Brambilla for Barovier & Toso, made with steel arms and glass pendants.
Palmyra is a very light chandelier, characterized by a sinuous line, able to embellish and illuminate any environment with its LED technology. Its superimposed arms are made of anodized steel and have a curved profile, from which hang many glass fiber twisted elements made following the pastoral processing of the ancient Murano glass tradition, suspended to the frame by fine metal rings. Powerful LED stripes are the light sources, supplied with the suspension. Palmyra is available in several models, with different finishes rod and rings.

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Light source:
Modello 7270: 1 Led,  60 W;
Modello 7271: 3 Led,  60 W.
Modello 7273: 4 Led,  60 W;
Modello 7274: 1+2+1 Led, 40+60+80  W.

LED Inclusi.

L. 152 cm. – P. 16 cm – H. 130 cm – Ø. 152 / 194 cm – H. 130 cm

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