Check what questions other people asks us, here you will find some answers given to our customers in case of doubts. If you can’t find the answer to your question, you can easily contact us we are always available to clarify your doubts.

How does the order’s process works?

Once identified the lamps that you are will order, you’ll specify the desired quantity and click on “Cart”. Now you’ll be able to see what items are on your cart and continue your shopping, update them (the quantity) or go to pay. Next step, you can sign up as a client so you’ll avoid to start and insert again your data for the next purchases, or you can continue your checkout as a guest without signing up, inserting your data then checking them and send your order.

Does the delivery price cover an assurance?

Every package that leaves our shop is covered by a shipping insurance. We are in charge of the costs. You will never pay anything. The shipping insurance cover all the damages and losses copre, until the acknowledgement of the products. You will receive in any case a package in optimal conditions. We take care of the rest. Whenever you’ll receive a damaged package, you can sign with reservation and request a quick replacement without any problem.

What is the delivery service of the shipping?

Our lamps and light bulbs are shipped in safely packages by DHL express on the national territory. As it regards the international packages, we avail of the DPD, UPS & DHL services. For the bigger products, the shipping is effectuated by DHL Freight. The delivery ends with a sign of the client. The delivery guarantees a shipping insurance. Unfortunately we can’t provide any accurate date of the package’s arrive. In casa of your absence during the arrive of the product, you can give us an alternative delivery address, as for example, your workplace,a friend’s address, a neighbour, and so on.

Is there a discount on a bigger order?

If you desire to order large quantities of our products, you can contact us by our customer service via mail ([email protected]). Or in chat. We will answer as soon as possible.

Is there telephone support even before the order?

We will glad to give you a competent support, answering all the technical questions on the assembly, dimming, proper type of light bulb and accessories, lights color, etc. Our clients will be in good hands! Describe us your needs and give us a documentation of your house. We’ll be glad to provide you a specific support, a lighting count and to present you an interesting and competitive offer.

In case of purchase in countries outside the Union?

In case of purchase in countries outside the Union, our site will automatically exclude the VAT at 22% (Italian taxation). In this case, all purchases shipped and invoiced outside the European Union will be purchased without VAT, so once they are in the country where they were shipped, customs duties will have to be paid. Customs duties and all customs management costs will be borne by the buyer.